The Delphi Poetry Series

What is this?

3 chapbooks in one perfect-bound volume with emphasis on diversity but not exclusively so.

What do we look for?

We love a strong sense of line and imagery. We love a strongly-linked series. When we read, we are drawn to poems about nature and science imagery, persona and historical poems, and poems about or by minorities in all sense of the word.  If the poems don’t reveal a strong voice, we are not interested. As far as form, we prefer free verse but love a few form poems thrown in. Prose poems and poems a few pages long are also interesting to our ears. For flash, it is not much different.

How long should it be?

Ideally 25 pages, give or take a page. This excludes title, TOC, acknowledgments, and dedication.

When are you open to submissions?

We will look for more chapbooks in summer of 2017. We are temporarily closed to submissions. But look for 3 more Delphi chapbook series end of 2016 and beginning of 2017!

How many publications should one have?

There is no set amount. We hope to have both emerging and established poets. We like to see that some of the work has been previously published somewhere, but there is no set-in-stone rule(s).

What is the purpose of having 3 separate authors in one single-bound chapbook?

Our goal is to have each poet in the volume gain new audiences by being exposed to the other two poets’ readers.

What is the fee for submitting and how much is the payment upon acceptance?

Payment will be in books. But there is no fee. However, we would love it if you donated a small amount as the Arts could not continue without small kindnesses. However, this is not necessary to be accepted for publication.

How is this connected to Blue Lyra Review?

Both focus on diverse voices but Blue Lyra Review is a literary journal that publishes nonfiction, fiction, translations, reviews and poetry. It comes out with three online issues each year and one print companion. The print companion has only new work beginning in 2016 where previously it was republished work from online. Blue Lyra Press owns the journal. However, the press focuses on chapbooks of poetry or fiction. Each chapbook will have about 25 pages from 2-4 authors and can contain previously published work so long as the writer retains the rights. Both donate to charities (info found here) as part of their mission statements.

Currently this is being edited by Matthew Silverman but open to having other editor(s) with connections take over. Look for the first two volumes in Spring 2016.

While the submissions are currently filled and closed, you can submit to our first anthology call. We are looking for poems, flash, and essays about the theater and stage. It could be about a character from a play or a theater employee or an actor/actress or even a famous theater.  Send through Submittable.