Jennifer Litt

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Maximum Through Zero

Published: Mar. 2015
Within: Delphi Series Vol. 2

Joy Ladin, Jennifer Litt, & Tasha Cotter

ISBN-13: 978-0692609767
ISBN-10: 0692609768

“Jennifer Litt’s chapbook is full of humorous and imaginative poems, in which the reader will find some familiar figures from history and fantasy in unexpected and yet somehow appropriate places. We find Darwin rowing down the Thames, Frida Kahlo jogging at a fitness club, and Donald Trump being released back into the wild. In her poem “Julia Child Skis in Big Sky, Montana” Litt writes, Her fingers /numb, she rubs them for warmth:/ Every woman needs a blowtorch.” This book is a hoot!”—Lori Desrosiers

Jennifer Litt is the sole proprietor of Jennifer Litt Writing Services ( Jennifer’s work has appeared in several anthologies, journals and magazines, including Jet Fuel Review, Lake Affect, LUMINA, Mixed Fruit, Naugatuck River Review and nycBigCityLit. She lives in Rochester, New York, on a quiet, one-way boulevard with her 16-year-old cat Phantom, the Gloria Swanson of Arnold Park.

Frida Kahlo Aqua Jogs at the Downtown Fitness Club

She floats, a lotus blossom on the pool’s surface,
her buoyancy belt, the pad. Only Diego,
the requisite frog, is missing. Here, alone,
suspended in water, her feet never touch
bottom. She points her toes, swings her arms,
moves along the lane, each lap dousing the fire in her spine,
the absence of pain more liberating than the Mexican Revolution.
She imagines the mural she would paint on the drab,
moist tiles, a rain forest with the squawks of parrots ricocheting
off the walls. A ray of sun bathes her in light and she ascends
in a cloud of hummingbirds and butterflies, freed from
shadows, released from her collar of thorns.