Erin Redfern


Spell Breaking and other life skills

Published: (mid) November 2016
Within: Delphi Series Vol. 4

aron-wiesenfeld-the-garden“The Garden” by Aron Wiesenfeld

ISBN-13:  978-0692762684
ISBN-10:  069276268X

Erin Redfern works as a poet and writing mentor in Silicon Valley. Her poetry has been nominated for Best of the Net by Crab Fat Literary Magazine and Blue Lyra Review, and she is a 2016 winner of the Poetry Society of America’s Robert H. Winner Memorial Award. In 2015 she co-edited Poetry Center San Jose’s print publication, Caesura, and she is serving as poetry judge for the San Francisco Unified School District’s Arts Festival 2016.


Secret Alphabet

The book squawks, lays three blue eggs,
and the red-headed cranes stretch their necks
to bend their black legs. Watching their knees,

we remember how things that look backward
just move a different way. The cranes laugh,
and the rain writes its secret alphabet

on the surface of the lake. They chortle,
and poppies bend their stems, their fuzzy pods
showing the seams, listening for each other’s

waking. Petals are bound wings,
after all, as are curtains. Without houses,
all the windows would take flight. Double doors

spread their feathered panes, opening back and back.
A small girl weaves her brown wings in a braid
down her back and closes her eyes. She knows

how doorways work, how words dropped on a lake
reveal its name, how to fold paper into bird
shapes, how wings drip their dark ink when it rains.


*first published in Heron Tree